The Mind of Cereal Killer


There is a voice that only wants to speak when no one is listening – the utterance of lonely things; a manifestation of an eternal yearning to be heard. And within this deep thing, this…fierce flaming fire, is a perfection of thought and expression unknown to the vacant ear. The greatest enlightenments are whispered by those that swim in deep, reflective, thought. We all suffer this burden at times. But is it truly about being heard or more so about NOT being alone?

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The Hermits Craft



Writing…a craft of the restless. It’s the routine of a distinct people; a people of thought and of the many voices unheard – the voices of a dogmatic diary of creative thought and diligent investigation. A meticulous undertaking to relay fixed ideas to all those who dare to indulge in the organization of letters on a page. A lonely craft; a hermits enchantment. Authors leave behind them a legacy of themselves for others to swim in the thoughts of their leisure. Some stories are those of fantasy and others are of relation. Some tales are those of intrigue yet others are of education. Some are facts of the past and others are of predictions for the future. Of all the writings of the author with the burdened tasks of stimulating your mind, they are all in the interest of others.


An author is anyone with a voice and a message that they want to be heard or understood. Some writer’s transition to speaking on the things that most consumes them, and others are comfortable with being unknown. A few write only for gain, but most write because it is in their nature to create, to educate, to inform, to satisfy those that enjoy the creative journey. Most writers are unknown and under-appreciated. But without the written word where would we be?

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Love – A hero’s act.


What makes a hero heroic? Are his selfless acts really worthy of our praise? The hero, in my opinion, only reminds us of our most basic of instincts…selfless love. In order to be called a hero one had to act to preserve life. It was his demonstration of true selfless love that gave him your respect and honor. Hero’s ultimately demonstrate the precedence of our most primary of instincts…to love unconditionally. It is the plight of the hero to act thoughtlessly and selflessly in the face of supreme peril only to preserve the life of another – no matter the person. This is, in my opinion, the ultimate portrayal of love. To sacrifice ones own life to act in favor of another person. Sadly, it’s always the coward who lives to tell the tale of how that hero got killed.


I wrote about love years ago. I thought I had a fairly good understanding then, but time has taught me a deeper knowledge – a deeper understanding. Love is the most positive of our energies. As soon as we enter this world, it would seem that it is the first thing we know and understand, intertwined into our primal instincts. We grasp love before jealousy, hate, sorrow, pain, indifference, conflict, hate or grief. We are born understanding, but we are taught to misunderstand it by our individual observations and learning’s.

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Never Give Up

You cant want to give up until you’ve literally been stretched past your limits. Some of my pants can attest to that revelation. I’ve been there. Stretched past my limits. Seeing no relief. Hoping the tension of it all can just cut the circulation off in my life. If I can be transparent for a minute…at one time I wanted to leave this place. I wanted to die. The deepness of being strained to a point of depression, to a point of nearly no return, is unfathomable. I thought I was strong, confident, self-assured, disciplined, educated, and knowledgeable. These things are useless when life’s’ pressure is enough to crack a pipe. I was cracked and nearly broken until I found a piece of hope.

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A Penny for my Thought


Let me “Rock with You,” for a minute. The words that I speak are, “All for You.” Now don’t you feel, “Special.” Sometimes we say, “I’m mad but not angry,” or “I’m disappointed but not upset.” Is there a difference? There is no such thing as a certain level of offense, either you’re offended or you aren’t. There is, however, such a thing as control. You’ve heard Janet’s album, so get some “Control.” Learn to control your emotions. Do not deny how you feel; your emotions are natural and are raw truth. Become expert at identifying your emotions. Then harness how you feel and proceed to learn from it in order to grow. The epitome of this action is when you realize that all of the things you get “upset” or better put “offended” about, are all out of your control; hence no need for you to get upset anyway. It “Doesn’t Really Matter.”

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Walk with me on the Empath

I’ve often wondered what my life’s purpose was my whole life. Hell…I still wonder, not unlike so many of you. The journey to discovering ones path must begin with discovering ones self. Personal discovery is so freeing…so enlightening. It’s always amazing to find out new things about ones self. I am a bit hesitant to share a fairly new discovery that I’ve recently made about myself. New, meaning, within the last year. My recent discovery has shed such undeniably radiant light on so many things that the truth of it is hard to ignore. It has been humbling and has mapped a new course for my personal development.

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The Final Disposition


Have you ever been Dis’d by a wordsmith? Well hold on, because I’m about to Dis you. What I mean is, have you ever felt Disrespected? I know you Dislike it when a friend named Disaster strikes at the most Displeasing of times. Yet Despite it all you should Dispel your Displeasure with them. Discouraging right? Personally, I get tired of people’s Dishonesty. They tend to be Disloyal – Displaying some highly Destructive Dysfunctions. They are, at times, Distant, Disengaged…Disingenuous. Dishonoring themselves with their apparent Displays of Dysfunction.

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Skin Deep


Do you think that being skinny makes you super phat?

The world don’t revolve around you – you aint all that.

Do you think that being fat, tells the whole skinny?

Who needs to be perfect, some guys love plenty.


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Teacher caught by child having intercourse!

I am sorry. I must confess…this blurb is not what you were expecting. I tricked you. I played with your mind; you were hoodwinked, bamboozled, lead astray. What did you expect from a wordsmith? I took advantage of your curiosity and it was too easy. Umm huh, you were looking for scandal weren’t you? You won’t find it here. It’s a crying shame that I had to put a suggestive title like this one, just to get your attention.

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