What makes a hero heroic? Are his selfless acts really worthy of our praise? The hero, in my opinion, only reminds us of our most basic of instincts…selfless love. In order to be called a hero one had to act to preserve life. It was his demonstration of true selfless love that gave him your respect and honor. Hero’s ultimately demonstrate the precedence of our most primary of instincts…to love unconditionally. It is the plight of the hero to act thoughtlessly and selflessly in the face of supreme peril only to preserve the life of another – no matter the person. This is, in my opinion, the ultimate portrayal of love. To sacrifice ones own life to act in favor of another person. Sadly, it’s always the coward who lives to tell the tale of how that hero got killed.


I wrote about love years ago. I thought I had a fairly good understanding then, but time has taught me a deeper knowledge – a deeper understanding. Love is the most positive of our energies. As soon as we enter this world, it would seem that it is the first thing we know and understand, intertwined into our primal instincts. We grasp love before jealousy, hate, sorrow, pain, indifference, conflict, hate or grief. We are born understanding, but we are taught to misunderstand it by our individual observations and learning’s.

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