Let me “Rock with You,” for a minute. The words that I speak are, “All for You.” Now don’t you feel, “Special.” Sometimes we say, “I’m mad but not angry,” or “I’m disappointed but not upset.” Is there a difference? There is no such thing as a certain level of offense, either you’re offended or you aren’t. There is, however, such a thing as control. You’ve heard Janet’s album, so get some “Control.” Learn to control your emotions. Do not deny how you feel; your emotions are natural and are raw truth. Become expert at identifying your emotions. Then harness how you feel and proceed to learn from it in order to grow. The epitome of this action is when you realize that all of the things you get “upset” or better put “offended” about, are all out of your control; hence no need for you to get upset anyway. It “Doesn’t Really Matter.”

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