Writing…a craft of the restless. It’s the routine of a distinct people; a people of thought and of the many voices unheard – the voices of a dogmatic diary of creative thought and diligent investigation. A meticulous undertaking to relay fixed ideas to all those who dare to indulge in the organization of letters on a page. A lonely craft; a hermits enchantment. Authors leave behind them a legacy of themselves for others to swim in the thoughts of their leisure. Some stories are those of fantasy and others are of relation. Some tales are those of intrigue yet others are of education. Some are facts of the past and others are of predictions for the future. Of all the writings of the author with the burdened tasks of stimulating your mind, they are all in the interest of others.


An author is anyone with a voice and a message that they want to be heard or understood. Some writer’s transition to speaking on the things that most consumes them, and others are comfortable with being unknown. A few write only for gain, but most write because it is in their nature to create, to educate, to inform, to satisfy those that enjoy the creative journey. Most writers are unknown and under-appreciated. But without the written word where would we be?

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