The Mind of a Cereal Killer


August 2022

Concrete Jungle

New York, New York. I came, conquered and aimed to be King. Then the city ate me up and spit me out.

Tragic really, but I left my mark on the pavement and NY left it’s mark on me.

I wasn’t quite sure of what to expect but I was ready for anything.

It was a first time visit for this country boy in the big city. Escorted by my road dog Dre. As we always say and normally is…, “it was epic!”

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My Hoary Head

I just realized I ain’t young anymore. I find myself an aged man. My six pack turned into a keg, my eyesight has dimmed, my body won’t respond to my demands. I find myself napping midday and not caring about outside opinions.

I try to keep up with a fast world and I can if I want, it’s just that…I don’t want. Social media is a distraction to life and a crutch to many weak egos. I get tired of seeing folk pose in pictures of their backsides.

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