Let me “Rock with You,” for a minute. The words that I speak are, “All for You.” Now don’t you feel, “Special.” Sometimes we say, “I’m mad but not angry,” or “I’m disappointed but not upset.” Is there a difference? There is no such thing as a certain level of offense, either you’re offended or you aren’t. There is, however, such a thing as control. You’ve heard Janet’s album, so get some “Control.” Learn to control your emotions. Do not deny how you feel; your emotions are natural and are raw truth. Become expert at identifying your emotions. Then harness how you feel and proceed to learn from it in order to grow. The epitome of this action is when you realize that all of the things you get “upset” or better put “offended” about, are all out of your control; hence no need for you to get upset anyway. It “Doesn’t Really Matter.”

When you and I get upset it’s like we are little children pouting. And what do children usually pout about? Exactly…not getting their way. When you finally accept the fact that all things won’t go your way, then you mature and a new level of peace comes. Most people will go through a whole lifetime and never understand this, will you? Furthermore, when you deal with other adults and you pout what will normally happen? Eventually, a few may actually give in to your demands, but most won’t. The more people that give in to our demands, the more spoiled we get; and who likes a spoiled-little-brat? The more people don’t give in to our cantankerous actions, the louder we cry; shouting, pouting and hollering, “Luv me, Luv Me” and who likes a whining, pouting, immature, snotty-nose, little…well, you fill in the blank? They make you want to, “Scream!” After throwing our little fits and not getting our way, we eventually start to hyperventilate and cry our selves to sleep holding a deep resentment toward the people that love us most and want the best for us.

News flash, everything is not going to go your way. The world does not revolve around you. And if you keep up your selfish ways, you’ll eventually run away the very people brave enough to love you at your worst. But unfortunately, “That’s the way Love Goes.” Time for me to go – it’s, “Funny How Time Flies, When you’re Having Fun.” “Enjoy!” (A tribute to you and Janet Jackson – aka Penny)


This super saying has been created for your enlightenment. I am not responsible for any defects in your development. Your mind is now under construction. Think on these things for they are true; if you dare to ponder you will be transformed. Your edification has been by the hands of a master craftsman; a wordsmith. You have now been built up – do not allow yourself to be torn down. The best is yet to come.