When I mention Hermit the Dog, of course I’m talking about me. I’ve been guilty, at times, of being quite a recluse, (and I’m not talking about a bloodsucking spider). Be it as it may, I am quite outgoing when I choose to be. I am what I loathe to reveal to you, as a highly sensitive person.  Anywho…I’m out of the coffin, trying to evade the sun.


Must find shade.

I’m reduced to a hooded version of myself which is ok for the coolness of the day, but not ok for this sun flexing on me like he on steroids. It’s whatever, I look fine for a guy who doesn’t care what people think.

I’m at my sons first track meet and I hate track meets. They rarely stick to schedule – if your fortunate enough to even have a schedule that is. Then I’m waiting around having young pups remind me of how old I am; doing feats that, in my mind, I can do much better. Continuously comparing my glorious youth with that of mere mortals.

On top of all that, they purposely make him run dead last so I have to sit here through the entire torture. Good thing I brought my handy dandy ________ . If you said NOTEBOOK and you were wondering whether you were a yungyin or an ol’ koot. Wonder no more, your a koot.

I was GOING to say iPhone, DUH, hence the post….Lanardo. (You’ll hear me say that word a lot more in the future). Anywho, I’m sitting here about to combust and that’s hard for a black guy considering I’m already singed.

However, I’ll be sniffing around here for while longer. Ears perked for the run inspiring gunshot. Come to think of it, this is the only place where only a few run when shots are fired. Thank goodness. Because it would really get ugly around here if something truly went down. (Which must have happened before I got here, because there IS some ugly around here). Kidding…geez, relax. All of Gods children are beautiful – some just more than others. (Smirking)

It’s about that time. Thank goodness because I’m done. I mean either flip me over or take me out of here. Warning I’m hot. Although you might agree with my superior physical grandeur, that’s not what I mean. I mean that I’m uncomfortably heated. Not mad, but starting to swear sweat profusely. I severely misjudged the weather and now I must lie in this bed I made. Ugh.

It’s time, I’ll talk to you when I make it back to my cave. Hermit the Dog signing out – sorry about the drool.