Blind to the Fact

By Cinique Scott


Can you see what I see or are you blind to fact?

The fact that we’re at war, we are under attack

Yes we’re under siege, the enemy’s plan well played.

He hopes we’ll be idle, he hopes that you’ll stay.

We’re in a fight for our welfare, a fight for our time;

A fight for our children, and a fight for our mind.

Some of you are overweight, and I know – it’s no fun.

Obesity runs in your family, because your family doesn’t run.

When will you get it, when will you see

At what length do I go to convince you, exactly to what degree?

I haven’t said enough, maybe I’ll say more.

I can’t force you to walk through; I can only show you the door.


Can you see what I see or are you blind to fact?

Is my race an issue, have you not noticed I’m black?

We are all the same, both inside and out –

Experiencing trials and tribulations, all hope – some doubt

I was always taught – it takes a village to raise a child.

But you’re the Chief, so raise em’ right – or yours may walk that green mile.

Since when is it ok to swear, cursing without respect,

That didn’t happen back in my days, at least I don’t recollect.

Walking around with empty pocket’s, pants way off the waist.

Using poor judgment, bad manners, worst taste

What happened to this generation?  Well what did you expect?

When the parents are out of control, not caring who they affect

Fighting and lying, never able to agree;

It’s so true about those apples, lying next to that tree.

Can you see what I see or are you blind to the fact?

Are you constantly moving forward or letting friends hold you back?

Have you made a plan, your goals etched in stone?

Are you traveling well or walking alone?

How can I convince you or what can I say?

How can you walk, if not shown the way?

Well I’ll give you a tip and this one’s free,

Practice on loving, because love is the key.

Live life strong and watch how you act,

Life is too short to be blind to the fact.