We are my People

by Cinique Scott

What would it take,
For our people to be free?
To have fun – drink coffee,
And watch some TV.

We are often times hated,
And thought to be insane.
I wonder why that is?
Is there someone else to blame?

We are the definition of struggle,
Baring this fate alone,
We are held back sometimes,
Yet we strive to press on.

We have changed with the times,
Sometimes not for the good.
We strive to simplify our complexities,
Yet we are misunderstood.

My people are you able,
To really speak your mind?
Can you see what I see,
Or are you really just that blind?

Is this good or is it bad?
Well, I really don’t know.
But what is extremely apparent,
Is that we will eventually grow.

Grow to be women,
And from Boy’s II Men,
Grow to be billionaires,
And leading the Top Ten.

Grow to dominate,
The things we barely touch,
Grow to be productive,
But some won’t grow that much.

Don’t judge us by a handful,
Or of stories you’ve heard,
Refrain – don’t judge,
That’s simply absurd.

See for your self,
Who we really could be.
Don’t make assumptions.
Get to know me.

Our people are great people,
And history shows that.
All the struggle and strife,
With no looking back.

Given our history,
In which the whole world knows,
We live to be free,
Growing our mind and our souls.

We are what we are.
We are not what we were.
It would be ludicrous to disagree,
And not to simply concur.

We are better with time,
Like a sweet aged wine.
This land is your land,
But is it really mine?

If you embrace the hype,
You will grow no further,
Live by these words,

Our love is the Church
Our love is the Steeple
You and Me make’s Us
And We are my people