Do you think that being skinny makes you super phat?

The world don’t revolve around you – you aint all that.

Do you think that being fat, tells the whole skinny?

Who needs to be perfect, some guys love plenty.


Do you think that bone structure makes you the toast?

Or do you think that being bony gives you the right to boast?

Being healthy is good to a certain extent;

But thinking you’re superior is what you really meant.


Do you think that perfect skin makes you a model?

Do you think that only your skin can take you full throttle?

Models show clothes that appeal to socialites;

Their skin a distraction to their true inner light.


Do you think a picture of your butt is going to attract the right man?

Do think that your bush is worth a bird in the hand?

Let me tell you the truth about men and your butt,

The only men you’ll attract are the ones that like sluts.


Do you think that makeup makes you more desirable?

Do you compare your looks to one more admirable?

You were created a beauty, straight from birth

Know who you are and value your worth.


Do you think that nice clothes make you super fine?

Or are you comfortable in who you are and how you were designed?

You’re right, you’re beautiful and we all see that

You are fine, well made and totally phat.


I get it, self esteem, a good quality to possess;

Nothing wrong with being unique, different from the rest.

A man wants a woman and a freak in the bed;

But what he truly wants most, is what’s in your head.


It’s your knowledge, your strength, your willingness to assist;

He wants a partner, a friend, a lure he cant resist.

He craves your passion like fruit – your truly unique mold;

He’s drawn to your mind and magnetized to your soul.


Please refrain from twerkin and dropping-it knee deep;

Placing your value in looks, what you sow, you’ll reap.

One day you’ll be old and looks will be cheap.

There’s beauty in your skin, but beauty’s more than skin deep.


This writing has been created for your enlightenment. I am not responsible for any defects in your development. Your mind is now under construction. Think on these things for they are true; if you dare to ponder you will be transformed. Your edification has been engineered by the hands of a master craftsman; a wordsmith. You have now been built up – do not allow yourself to be torn down. The best is yet to come.