I am sorry. I must confess…this blurb is not what you were expecting. I tricked you. I played with your mind; you were hoodwinked, bamboozled, lead astray. What did you expect from a wordsmith? I took advantage of your curiosity and it was too easy. Umm huh, you were looking for scandal weren’t you? You won’t find it here. It’s a crying shame that I had to put a suggestive title like this one, just to get your attention.

Nevertheless, I have not lied to you. The headline is quite true. You can trust that somewhere and at some point within the fabrics of our time there’s been a teacher caught by their child having intercourse with their significant other. The truth be told, this is really all about your apparent hunger for scandal. It’s about the gossip, the drama, the tabloids and all that irrelevant nonsense. Some people enjoy meddling and this article was the crack I needed to slide into your mind and warn you about the curiosity that killed that cat.


cat cobra


Why are we so intrigued by scandal? Why do other people’s demise thrill us so? What is it about that juicy hearsay that sends us into an analytical frenzy? Why do we celebrate the ruin of a name – the tarnish of a reputation? I think it’s because people just want a reason not to believe in the basic good in people. We pay so much attention to the rumors and all the negative media that we are desensitized to positivity. And when we see the fall of someone with a name and a reputation we use that as a reason not to believe in the basic good in people…or ourselves. So after we lose the faith in them, we lose faith in ourselves. After all, if so and so can’t stand; how can I? Better yet…why should I? We convince ourselves that our lack of self control and our mischief is justified. We put our faith in other people and when they fall, we fall with them.


Another reason is that we don’t want the pressure of being an example in the eyes of others. Integrity and honor are almost gone. Some people don’t want to be a lealeader catder because they are afraid of themselves. All people have potential to be leaders in some way or another; it’s just that people are afraid of the one thing that has inevitably brought us together today…criticism. But that’s not what we are truly afraid of, we are really afraid of being great. Any great person has had to learn to endure and disregard criticism. Marianne Williamson said it best, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.”


Today people are in such despair and disarray, hoping for truth, waiting for someone to have the courage to walk honestly all the time. The media has conditioned our minds to always anticipate the fall of our brethren. And we’ve all seen it at some point, the greater the grandeur, the greater the fall. Need I remind you that we are all human beings and that we all make mistakes sometimes? Why be so judgmental over someone that fell. Why condemn them? Put yourself in their shoes; I bet you’d want some mercy and forgiveness. Besides, most of the things that you condemn people for are some of the very same things going on in your life. Kind of reminds me of a song I heard years ago, “Sweep around your own front door, before you try to sweep around mine.”



Look…if you want to believe in anyone, believe in yourself. You be the example you are looking for others to set. Shine your light for others to see and show us how it’s done. We’re waiting for you…eagerly waiting. Just like you were waiting for someone else and being disappointed when they didn’t measure up. Try minding your business for a change, because it’s your business that needs your attention. You are great and no one else will know it until you show us. Have a mind of your own. Stop following the crowd. Be an individual and watch what happens. My guess is that you’ll be the next great teacher being caught having intercourse with unsuspecting minds.



mind intercourse quote


This super saying has been created for your enlightenment. I am not responsible for any defects in your development. Your mind is now under construction. Think on these things for they are true; if you dare to ponder you will be transformed. Your edification has been engineered by the hands of a master craftsman; a wordsmith. You have now been built up – do not allow yourself to be torn down. Love and peace to you.