I see you sitting in this place stricken with grief. I see your tears and your restrained pain. I see you. I have not passed away, I have merely moved on – on to the next chapter in my existence. Try not to feel sad for I am in Elysium. I feel no more pain, no more suffering; I worry only for you. There’s no more strife here; no more hate, no more loneliness. We are one.

There is no sadness here, no death – only life. Unfathomable beauty is everywhere, amplified by the light. I feel an intense joy. I now truly understand the oneness of love. Love never fails; it never dies. I wish I could force this feeling into your consciousness. I wish you knew how happy I really am now. I see you. I love you. Remember me.

I had no choice about my exit and I regret leaving all you who know me, but the Father has new plans for me. I haven’t died, I’ve merely transformed. I see you – I am here with you. Comforting you right here, right now. Hoping you’ll press on in my physical absence. Hear my words and be comforted. Feel my essence wrapping you with love and compassion. Allow your heart to swallow your pain and release your peace. If you only knew, you would be happy and anxious to join me here. But you still have work to do. It is not your time. I have run my race and my time came. I pass the torch to you. Remember me.

I only fear that some of you wont understand. You’ll become bitter and self-destruct. I fear some of you wont hear my words. Please do. I am ok – everything is all right. Let peace reign and fear be cast away. I see you. I love you. Remember me.

Remember the good times, the funny times and the smiles. Remember all I have done to leave my mark on this world. Remember my seed; remember my race. Remember me.

You too are part of this oneness. Know this with all surety. Draw closer to the light, before darkness over takes you. There may a time when your race draws to an end. Don’t let the cares of the world impeded your progress. Rise up my people. Be happy, for sadness is not allowed at my home going. I love you.

Crank up the music. Dance as I would – be merry, singsongs, turn up – it’s all good. I see you and I love you. Remember me. Say your final goodbyes to my body, close the casket and drop that shell into the ground. For I live only in spirit now. But I live. Yes, I still live. I will always live. Remember that – remember me.

Smile for me…even if you can’t wrap your mind around what I am saying to you right now. Smile for me. For you smile not for me, but for all those who’ll remember you. Smile for those that draw their strength from you. I see you. I love you dearly. Remember me.