Few read my rants anyways so whatever. Let me begin by saying I don’t know it all or have everything figured out. As all the other intuitive souls on this planet I have opinions, ideas and solutions to problems of my own.

Today I have an opinion about the true nature of the relations between men and woman and their basic roles, within my limited understanding of course.

To start, both are capable of love. But…in my opinion, men are better built to show love and required to do so in order to maintain a relationship. Hear me out…

Women love too, but women are better built to respect the man…to reverence him. By this simple and natural concept she inadvertently experiences all she desires.

Seems unconventional so far, right? Before you lose your top, earnestly explore my explanations and examples. then if you disagree, I’ll humbly take my cussing.

Can we agree that love is shown and not a verbal confirmation? Good. Moving on. I need you to carefully read this blurb and be brutally honest with yourself. Now…in a relationship who shows love more?

Ok I heard, women. Let’s say there are no children involved for this example. Say, your man makes enough for his woman not to work. His job requires long physical hours and for your comfortability he endures.

Say, after he gets off from his toil and you want to go out and he appeases you. Say you want a new trinket or request a self improvement spend and he appeases. And say your car needs work or the trash is full and he appeases. Say when your out he has to defend you honor in the face of death and comes through for you. Can we agree that all these things are expressions of love?

How many of these expressions can be easily reciprocated if you don’t work. Cooking, cleaning, decorating you say? Would you be surprised if I told you that men appreciate those things but aren’t required by most?

A man doesn’t care about anything he didn’t specifically ask you for. He’s built to be self sufficient. What men value is respect, peace, loyalty and adoration. If you nurture his nature he’ll grow to a point where you won’t even be doing those things. He’ll hire others for that.

Women want love but in my observation they misunderstand love, even when it’s right in front of them. As a man…the greater you show me my natural values, I’ll show you more love. And the grander your respect and adoration for me…and your loyalty to me and the peace you keep in my presence the more I’ll tarry to always make sure your friends stay jealous of you.

So how do you respect a man? Speak with purpose and with a soft tone. Ask what you want but accept a no. Trust his vision but guide his steps. If he falls help him up. Always make him feel like he is the best thing in the world. Use your words to make him feel proud to work a job he hates so he can prove his love in this jester. if he speaks listen make him comfortable in confiding in you and never use his vulnerabilities against him even when arguing.

Men, if you ain’t showing love like I just spoke of, you slacking and will never experience the inner desires of your natural self, because you ain’t walking as a visionary. What woman wants to follow a man with no vision, no ambition. You don’t have to be rich but you need to have a plan to get there. A woman can’t respect you or follow you if you ain’t going nowhere.

Women are respecting men less because there’s not enough of them about their hustle these days. To love is natural, but to love a woman you must first love yourself. To gain respect you must be worthy of it. Most of you can’t even articulate what it is you want or need. You’ve been taught that you need love. Your mama showed you how to love, but it was her adoration you really enjoyed. She was the biggest booster of your ego.

Mamma spoiled both boy and girl and daddy disciplined them. True love lies in the discipline, not the spoil. Mamma don’t like the discipline but her respect for his authority forces her to endure it. Give a man a fish you feed him for a day, teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Mama gives you fish and daddy teaches you how to fish.

Divinely or spiritually, in my opinion, men have the vision but woman help define the way. Women have the essence of life and can speak life into a man. Men mold that life into the dreams of the woman he loves.

These are things that took me years to understand. Once I realized the true nature of this I kind of envied the simplicity of the woman’s role but understood the gargantuan difficulty in experiencing a man worthy of respect. Then I thought how easy it is for men to love but how difficult it is to trust & express that love to the right woman.

Quite a pickle no doubt. But it’s a start. A basis of understanding is all. Still not sure about my thoughts on the matter? Question. What man does a lot of single women follow out of respect and due to their vision or leadership? A Pastor. He’ll give them vision and normally commands respect. Another question. Where do single and married men go to feel wanted, respected and valued? A Prostitute. She’ll stroke his ego and fulfill his desires without resistance.

Both men and women desire these things so much they will pay for it. Out of ignorance and a lack of communication they will break promises to obtain it.

If you disagree, enlighten me.

If you agree, elaborate.

If I’ve touched you, confirm it.

If I’ve changed you, then change another.

Love & Respect to you all.