Yes I’ve been gone. Disappeared from the writing world for some months now. As long as I’ve not disappeared from the living world. It’s been trying times and along with other types of suffering, my writing has suffered as well.

Summer has been hot and extremely busy. The fourth of July was fun, but so was washing my car with my daughter yesterday. She enjoyed getting wet. Only because she’s still young and doesn’t know that I am using her for free labor. When she gets old enough to realize that, it’ll be a new type of fun for her.

My mind is clouded, but I’ve pressed my way here to, at least, touch the outside world. It is dark times for me, but the sun always seems to shine if we can just hold on til morning. Sometimes it’s hard being optimistic, even I have trouble convincing myself.  Then I remember what harm can it do to have a good confession or see the brighter side of things. It helps. I always try to remember two things; it could always be worse and I made it this far.


Thoughts are fickle things; random, fleeting, mysterious.  Sometimes I wonder where they come from. Some thought I want to keep but they escape me and others I want to forget and those cling to me like lint. The saying is true, “Nothing fixes a thing so intensely in the memory as the wish to forget it.” – Michel de Montaigne

I swim in these thoughts often. There are so many things in the pool of forgetfulness and so many things that I wish I remembered. I suspect that I’m not alone. This is just a rant day. If your not interested cover your eyes while you read this. If you don’t care, cover you heart while you listen.  Yes, I’ve been missing, so what? At least I’m present.

“Learning to live in the present moment is part of the path of joy.” – Sarah Ban Breathnach