Dean cuts nets Like many other faithful’s, I am an avid college basketball fan.  I love the passion in their play; the hustle, the fight, the disappointments, the joy.  Like millions of other fans, I filled out my tournament bracket hoping to show my basketball prowess to the world. Really…I was trying to win that billion dollars that Warren Buffet offered. I failed miserably. I thought I knew more than I did. Obviously not.

After a full day of screaming at the television, hoping some teams lost and others won, I feel drained.  I am, however, relieved that the March Madness is over for me. And even though I’ll still be as broke tomorrow as I am today, I can say that my bracket isn’t too bad for having done this for the second time in my life.  That’s right, I tried it once many years ago, had the same result, and never tried again. It’s a lot of unneeded pressure on my heart and I know better than to take on too much extra stress.  I’ve lost five games and I’m still in the overall winner hunt. But, as before, my heart is heavy. Not because of my excitement for the game and to prove my basketball knowledge, but because I had plans for that billion dollars.

Hmm…let’s see…If I had won that billion dollars and I stuck it in a basic savings account collecting 1% interest I would stand to make an extra 10 million dollars a year if I never touch that billion. And I probably wouldn’t touch it, I wouldn’t need too, I could comfortably live off of 10 million dollars in interest payments every year (after taxes of course).

$10,000,000. Sounds good rolling off your tongue, almost as good as $1,000,000,000.  At 10 million dollars a year in interest alone, you would stand to earn a lot of money. That’s over $830,000 a month, $208,300 a week, almost $30,000 a day, and over $3700 hr (for a typical 8 hr work day).  Wow.

Imagine what you would do with that much money, (unless you already have it that is).

Well, now that all my excitement is long gone, I’ll watch the rest of the tournament thinking about what could have been and hope that I don’t hear any news about someone else winning my money. Maybe I’ll try again next year, maybe not. It’s been a great ride, but I definitely have the tournament blues.

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