There is a voice that only wants to speak when no one is listening – the utterance of lonely things; a manifestation of an eternal yearning to be heard. And within this deep thing, this…fierce flaming fire, is a perfection of thought and expression unknown to the vacant ear. The greatest enlightenments are whispered by those that swim in deep, reflective, thought. We all suffer this burden at times. But is it truly about being heard or more so about NOT being alone?

Our minds are powerful and can directly influence our lives; both spiritually and scientifically can this be substantiated. I’ve heard that a voice; that voice so sure, so pure, so pristine and direct; so clear…concise. It has declared things to me, revealed ancient wisdom even, some of which I have quickly forgotten. But it still speaks, always.

The life of thought lives even though there is no one to witness it. Oh but there is a listener…you. Your own affirmations can directly counteract the torture of solitude. And after a while you forget your own assumed plight and begin to have solace in your self-produced cage. Yet still, you escape your own binding to dance in your own thoughts. Free of restraint; free of judgment; free of disdain. Do you think that the absence of intentional thought means you are thoughtless or that your lack of thoughts means your not thinking?

It could go that way or you could venture into your dark self. Feeling sorry for you…maybe you pity being alone. Maybe, in your own mind, you need that human interaction; you need that ear to feel heard. Does that frustration of suppressed expression drive you mad? It does me, at times.

I’ve travelled both routes at times. Being uplifted by my own thoughts or enslaved by them. My release is here. I feel that if I write it out, I leave that energy on paper. Words and paper; thank God for a means to artistically release. Therapeutic.

Thoughts….so random, incomplete, invading, disturbing, fleeting, divine. Even my dreams betray me with horrific experiences, magical adventures and divinely obscured messages. Your thoughts are this voice, so panicked and misunderstood. Yearning for an ear; the voice of one crying in the wilderness. It’s like a fire in your bones. An unquenchable thirst to reveal your truth to mankind. It consumes you, it possesses you wholly, it’s a passion that will not be silenced.

How can you control your thoughts? What defense can you employ to combat the invasion of the thoughts in your mind? I have found no defense, no cure for the virus of the random thinking’s that consume us. The only peace I’ve found for this phenomenon is the surety that we can control the thoughts that we entertain. We, ultimately, have the power to choose what thoughts to entertain and what thoughts to let pass through our minds.

Thinking is the concentration on an idea that floats through the waves of your mind. Thought is an attention put to this idea without the attachment to focus on it.

How do you organize or quantify an invasion of your mind? Is it random or worth the investigation of the universes nudging?

Ideas that almost become utterances but are restrained behind bars of teeth and locked lips. Thought, an intention of the mind that if nourished will birth into life. The intention to any one thought that passes through the abyss of your mind has the potential to change your life forever. Without thought we barely function. Without thought we can’t plan our way. Without thought our lives become dismal at best.

What do you think about my thoughts? Are my ideas just fleeting words passing through your mind? Or can you ponder the thoughts of a thoughtless thinker? Think on this: every thought you entertain has the potential to exist in reality, just because you think it so. Just think on a thought. Earnestly. Engrave it into memory, ponder it with passion – envision it down to the last detail. Then, for you, it will become reality. Everything made, learned or experienced all began with a thought.

As a man thinketh in his heart so is he. How is it that our concentrated thoughts have so much impact on our lives. Are we not aware that the universe responds to our thinking’s? The ideas that we think trivial are the very foundations of our lives. If we only gave priority to those thoughts that we think worthy to the envisioned prosperity of our lives.

Thoughts build or destroy. Do you believe in the power that you own thoughts have? Are you aware of the control your thought can have over you life? Do you believe you can think yourself into your vision? Your thoughts have power, if only concentrated and believed. Are you not aware that you can think yourself out of your current situation and into the life that you’ve always envisioned?

What do you think? Do you think the thoughts that I think on this topic? Do you think at all? Do you contemplate the effects of your mental infatuation of your vision?

Man is the master of his thoughts, the molder of character, and the maker and shaper of condition, environment and destiny.

What do you think? What ideas do you entertain? Do you let greatness just past through your mind or do you recognize the universe at work? The ideas that you focus on the most, almost always become reality. Maybe you don’t know the power of your own thinking. But everything you have focused on to date has became reality.

Your thoughts are powerful beyond your own understanding. They are a seed ripe for harvesting. A roadmap to the eventual resolution to your desires.

Even a whisper is all powerful, more powerful even than words spoken with emphasis. The bible says, “a soft word breaks bones.” Proverbs 25:15

“Men do not attract that which they want, but that which they are.” As a Man Thinketh. James Allen

Think on thought and see the result. Can you quantify the reality of your thinking’s?

Do you believe that your thoughts can become reality? Do you contemplate the power in your vision? The real question is…can you act on the thoughts that most resonate with you? Action is the catalyst that makes ideas real. You can actually think your way through your plight; through your depression, through your current experience. All you have to do is believe in yourself and the power of your vision. Habakkuk 2:2 – “Write the vision, make it plain upon tables so he may run that reads it.”

Never underestimate the power of your thoughts. They can enslave you or empower you. What you focus on will be real for you. What you set your mind and heart to will manifest in your life. The universe will respond and produce what you desire.

Thought…such a fickle thing but powerful if allowed to dance in the corners of your mind. Even more evident when concentrated on and made a priority for action. It is my opinion that thought can push you through all obstacles if correctly exercised.

Thought, I think, is misunderstood and not held in the esteem that it deserves in our lives. Think on it and see. What you think, you will speak, and what you speak and love will make itself real in your life. Try it and see. You have what you say. And you say what you think. And what you think will manifest into existence if you put thought into action.

I thought about it earnestly and I wrote. For you I divulge my insight. Whether it be right or wrong. What do you say? Do you believe in the power of you or do you believe that you have no control over your life? I stand where I stand. Convince me otherwise and I will be grateful for your tutelage. Teach me and I will learn, hear me and you will be transformed.





This writing was created for your enlightenment. I am not responsible for any defects in your development. Your mind is now under construction. Think on these things for they are true; if you dare to ponder you will be transformed. Your edification has been at the hands of a master craftsman; a wordsmith. You have now been built up – do not allow yourself to be torn down. The best is yet to come.