Today I had an install for a couple living inside a house separated into individual rooms-for-rent. From what I understood they had been waiting on cable for several months. That’s a long time. They already had the box, all they needed was an outlet/line ran. They mentioned that they had been in constant contact with XXX cable co. confirming their appointment for today. Apparently…some XXX techs have been out to this location but no one actually performed the work for them. I’m used to this though. Being a contractor, we pick up the slack for those XXX cable co. workers. They lazy and incompetent.  I told them that God sent me here just for them.

Of course I agreed to run the line and they were happy about that. So much so, the husband helped me run it. So I am working out side about to run this cable and I see buckets everywhere. I see a broken TV, I smell a distinctly awful smell and see more fly’s than common.  Well, as I observed and listened. I hear the couple and other tenants voicing their concerns about one tenant in particular. The guy that’s leaving all this trash and buckets around the house. He’s apparently a drunk.

Well we working along trying to get this stuff done. There was a spot that her husband couldn’t reach and his wife said, “use one of them buckets you got enough of um,” then she giggled. So did I. He sorts through the buckets and pulled out a bucket with a crack on the bottom. She says, “all them buckets in there and you had to grab the only broke one,” she and I both giggled again and moved it along. I needed to throw some trash away and was looking for a trash can, then the lady said with a resolute smirk, “you don’t see all them buckets, take yo pick.” We all giggled after that one.

After witnessing everyone cleaning up after the drunk and reprimanding him openly I came to one conclusion. My arrival seemed to have sparked something within all the residence. They were all outside cleaning up a mess I know been there for nearly six months. It was beautiful to see. It was good to see change happen. Needed change. Apparently a bucket full of change.

I do have an audio recording of this meeting and the couples permission to release what was mentioned. After all was said and done we all agreed that our meeting was divinely orchestrated and carried on about our day. I can’t make this stuff up.