They say it’s a global pandemic out there today and that you should be afraid. A pandemic is defined as a disease that has spread around the world. A disease is defined as a disorder of structure or function to mankind or the like; a disorder, an abnormality that alters ones being, possibly to your demise. Although a certain mortal caution is advised in such situations, uncertainly can we still live in such perilous times? In my opinion, it’s all totally based on your frame of mind. There are many ways to perish, but can you escape your life’s conclusion; can you evade your end? Why even try?

I find my self personally unafraid of this professed doom. I do believe that eminent danger lurks out there somewhere and I wail with all those that have suffered in its wake. I just refuse to yield to the hype. If I pass on today, I’ll have no regrets. I won’t live for tomorrow because tomorrow hasn’t been promised, I’ll live today because in my mind…I am – I exist and I will always do so in some form or another. Fear limits those of us that are slave to it, specifically the fear of transitioning from our current existence to a new one; the unknown…such a curious quandary.


I’ve been obsessed with the wonder of not being afraid. It’s a unique frame of mind; a special observation and experience that cannot be explained; a freedom like no other. A life unexpected, yet fulfilling.  It’s a contentment with the present and a zeal for today. A gumption to let energy flow as it will. Although I speak of mysteries maybe not yet understood, still be careful. The path I walk teeters from being unafraid and free to almost being reckless. There is a balance, a careful one. One that can only be understood and managed by all those that are blessed enough to experience this phenomenon. 


I say all this because I see a shift happening. It’s predominately a spiritual shift, but a conspicuous moving none the less. A invisible tidal wave that affects all aspects of our lives. All those that think that all is lost and that these current times have dominance over your lives, you grossly underestimate yourself. You are powerful beyond your own understanding and can create a heaven out of what you think is a hell. The true reality of your current condition is only a matter of perspective. For every con that enslaves you, there is a pro that will set you free. For every problem, there is a solution. For every down, there is an up. Whether you own knives & guns, your most powerful of weapons are those of your mind & your mouth. Use them.


I have lived a life full and without regret. And if I “die” today, may my words live on in my physical absence. My life’s energy will never die, my words and the memory of them will live forever and so will you. Be safe. Protect yourself at all times, but protect your most valuable possession…your mind. Life is nothing if you don’t live it.


Call me a fool, but I’m truly not afraid. I move with the current and let the waters of life wash over me. I go with the flow and not against it. It is my wish that you absorb these principals and break the chains of the bondage of your own enslavement. The world can be both beautiful and ugly, but it all depends on your viewpoint. Do you believe that you’re living in heaven or hell? As you say or believe, so shall it be.


This freedom is why I write. I find this way of life greatly better than the latter. My desire is for you to experience the joy in being carefree. Sometimes it’s hard to be me and explain my mind; the mind of a cereal killer. One day. Patiently I wait – someone will see, and it only takes one for me to feel accomplished in my endeavors. Maybe it’s you, maybe not. I’ll only tell you the joy in my own freedom. But I don’t want to enjoy the breaking of these chains alone.


I hope that my voice will be heard and understood at some point and that my words will be respected and acknowledged in time. I wait on the universe to move in this hope. I speak on our eventual poetic transition a lot, but my knowledge, acceptance and clarity of this phenomenon is often misunderstood. This revelation has expounded my life and understanding exponentially.

May my rambling help someone. Maybe I’m crazy and speaking foolery, who cares really. Take this as it is, maybe just another introspect from a no one. The real pandemic, in my opinion, is the fear of living a real life; free of the fear of death. Don’t be fooled by the propaganda projected onto you to blind you to the vanity of things that don’t really matter. Why worry or fear the very things you cannot truly control? Death visits children, the healthy and those that abstain from dangerous endeavors.

I observe the irony of people that live their lives totally reckless and live long. Then witness those that try carefully to avoid recklessness only to die young. The desire to care for your health is wise no doubt, but ultimately still vanity in hindsight. Trying to avoid pizza and cake cause you on a diet; you better enjoy yourself. I’ll leave your feather’s alone, but think on it.

My only goal is to help you live a full life, instead of just existing. I hope my viral words infect the whole world; a global pandemic. Live life free, don’t just exist. What say you? This basic lesson, I learned and it freed me long ago. May the world experience a pandemic of fearlessness and a new mind. Until the next, “so called” crisis, live in vitality.