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I saw her again today, shifting effortlessly across the floor. I looked at her as if I hadn’t seen her everyday for the last five years. This woman was known to many but truly understood only by me. Her strength and beauty complimented each other.

This woman was recently involved in a long relationship that ended just as quickly as it started. She was officially single but still married. The process of separation had taken place and she was adjusting. I, on the other hand, have been single for quite some time now. The chance needs to be taken…my attraction to this woman has grown stronger with each passing day. And let it be known, that this attraction of mine is not just physical, but also mental. Talking with this woman stimulates every brain cell and satisfies my thirst for a listening ear.

            Today’s the day.  I’ll wait no longer to have her in my arms.  Maybe I’ll just tell her how I feel…maybe not.  I asked her out to lunch and surprisingly enough, she agreed.  We talked unconsciously and lost track of time.  Once our meal ended, I asked her out later on in the evening to have a drink or two and again she agreed. 

We went to her favorite nightspot, The Tavern.  It was a lot subtler than it seemed on the outside.  It was a jazz spot that incorporated seclusion.  Each mahogany table, which was set for two, and seemed in its own little world.  There were two candles lit to a dim flicker at each table.  The stage lights were dimmed to a light blue haze.  A slight fog rolled from the stage and across the floor.  The music played joyfully as echoes danced across the room.

            My eyes followed our waitress away that brought us margaritas, and I caught a glimpse of my vixen’s flawless, glowing, silhouette in the candlelight, returning from the coatroom.  We then engaged in, playful but harmless, acts of boredom and mind-bending conversation.  The night faded along with our soberness as we consumed numerous quantities of the toxic naughty nectar.  We jointly agreed to conclude our evening after embracing each other lovingly.  As we exited the building she unexpectedly pinched my ass and at the time I thought nothing of it, but finally thought about it in the car.  Could this be a sign?  If not, I’m acting on that gesture anyway in the very near future.

            As our evening seemingly was coming to an end, I walked her toward the front door.  We both said goodnight and she turned slowly looking in her purse to grab her keys.  I patiently stood there admiring her one-piece garment that hugged her torso tightly.  Her hair was up in a mini bun and showed her neck.  Her 5-inch heels matched her dress and her jewelry sparkled in the moonlight.  She found the keys and said goodnight for a second time and began to unlock the door.

            I couldn’t stand it any longer. I spun her around, grabbed her beautiful face and overwhelmed her with a slow sensual kiss.  She hesitated at first but soon gave in.  She placed her hands around my body and squeezed.  She then placed her inner thigh high around my upper outer thigh while sliding the tip of her shoe up my shin.  The chills raced up my spin and my heart danced.  It is happening I thought…this is it.  I’m going to make this a night neither she nor I, will ever forget. 

A harmless rage engulfed me and I dominantly raised her in the air.  She wrapped her legs around me as I forced the door open and felt my way around her place in the darkness.  She slung her purse to the floor and started to slide down my body until her heels hit the floor.  She stopped our marathon kiss and grabbed my belt buckle while walking backwards pulling me toward her.  I was moving down the dark corridor in the shadows, but I feared not.  Then the pulling stopped and I was pushed against the wall.  She kissed me gently on the chin as her fingers made their way into the spaces between my buttons.

For a split second I thought about my true intentions with this vulnerable woman, and at that very moment my attention was recaptured when she ripped my shirt open.  The sound of buttons bouncing across the hardwood floor echoed in the quiet. She started exploring my neck with her mouth, then my chest, working her way down.  A slight chill crept its way down my spine; larcenying my body when her wet kisses were dried by a gentle whisper that danced from her lips.

This is what I longed for, this is the moment, and with an over eager rush I grabbed her by the shoulders just before she had the chance to lick my shaft and spun her around toward the opposite wall.  I pushed her snug against the wall and began to kiss her neck and nibble on her ear.  I fondled her breast while moving down slowly to her rib cage.  My fingers were pointed downward toward the floor and sliding slowly past her hips.  I was firmly pressing my erection against her bottom.  I could feel the warmth protrude through her skirt.  When she felt me she pushed back toward me.  While arching her back she leaned her head back and released a slow moan.

She stopped fondling herself and placed her hands high on the wall.  I kissed and blew on the back of her neck.  I then moved my hands to the inside of her thighs and worked my way up to the warm spot that screamed for me.  To my surprise, she had either already removed or never worn any panties, which almost made me prematurely ejaculate.  Just the thought of it made my manhooid even stiffer than before.  Her kitten was moist and ready, and so was I.  While I licked her and continued to work her spot with one hand, I used the other hand to work a leg out of my trousers.  When done I spun her around, grabbed her under the arms and lifted her high in the air.  She wrapped her legs around my neck and pressed her kitten against my chin.  She held on to the wall as best as she could while I licked, blew and sucked at her wet crease.  She moaned louder and louder as she reached for the ceiling.  The longer I ate my second dinner the squirmier she got.  Then she finally stiffened up, shrieked, and incorporated several vigorous hip jerks.  It went from one hip jerk to a plethora.  Then she exhaled and creamed on my lips and chin.

After her orgasm, I brought her back down to her feet, spun her back toward the wall, and slide my prize in her.  Oh yeah…it was just the way I imagined it, hot, wet and terrific.  I grabbed her waist and while grinding against me she turned her head to kiss me.  Just as our lips were about to touch I forcefully pushed myself inside her.  She grunted sensually and turned away.  I pushed & grinded, while exploring her mid-section franticly.  Her fresh orange scent lingered while the static between us ignited like wildfire.  We started to rock faster and faster.  I was coming to a peak when I realized, by her hip jerk, that she was climaxing again.  She pressed the side of her face against the wall and reached behind herself and grabbed my ass and held me close.  I could feel her wet climax drip down my nads  Well this was just enough for me.  I pulled free from her grasp and proceeded to ejaculate on her backside. 

The feeling was too much and I had never felt this way before.  This woman had brought more out of me than just semen.  She brought out the animal in me that could only be lured by the right bait.  I told her that I should go…she shook her head as to agree.  She smiled and said, “You were great.” and laid a juicy wet kiss on me.  I then redressed myself and picked up my buttons and proceeded to walk toward the door.

“We’ll, definitely, have to do this again sometime,” she whispered.

“In an instant!” I replied while walking into the night air with a feeling of satisfaction showing on my face.