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Let me tell you what happened to me, you’re not going to believe this.  So I’m at the bar with some friends treating myself to a few drinks like I normally do to unwind after a hard days work – when suddenly, a sweet smell lifted my head from my cognac.  That’s when I heard those heel taps and saw her shifting effortlessly across the floor.  Her silhouette held my attention with the strength of a rock climber’s grasp.  She immediately struck me with a penetration that I had not encountered before.  My pulse raced and I struggled to clear my head of unclean thoughts.  This poisonous spider had spun her web perfectly, and I was caught in it as her prey.  

She turned toward me as if she sensed my stare.  She smiled, but not all the way; just enough to let me know that she recognized my observations.  I briskly turned my head and blushed.  She noticed, but continued to chat with the bartender.  I tried not to look at her but she turned away from the bar in her tight red skirt and crossed her legs enticingly.  I glanced briefly and again she noticed.  She uncrossed her legs and re-crossed them as if to tease me.  It worked.  She knew she had me eating poison from her hands.  I decided that since she already knew I was admiring from afar, I would make my way over to the bar and find out more about her.  I didn’t know what to say but somehow I don’t think that would have been an issue.  I stood my 6’3” frame upright, brushed off imaginary lint, and straightened my tie.  I had just got off of work and was really there to unwind.  It was Friday night and this is what I always do.  Working as a stock broker is very stressful work, but it pays well.  As I moved closer I could see her eyes inviting mine in a tantalizing way.  She remodeled nonchalantly anticipating my arrival.  I held my hand ahead and introduced myself,

            “Hello.  My name is Todd and yours?”

                        “Vivian!” she replied holding her limp hand out expecting me to kiss it.

            “Well Vivian it is truly a pleasure to meet the sexiest woman here.” I confidently announced while kissing her hand.

                        “Well thank you Todd.  You’re pretty hot yourself.”

            “Can I buy you a drink?”

                        “No thank you, I already have some drinks coming for us.”

            I stood dazed by her pure beauty and showed it by gawking.  She had jet-black hair that swayed when she turned.  Her green eyes were as cat eyes, mysterious yet majestic.  Her lips were luscious and covered with wet red lipstick. The intoxicating sweet smell was stronger as I sat down next to her.  She leaned toward me and started her attack.

            “I’m going to be forthcoming with you because I not one for a lot of words.  I saw you at the bar earlier buying drinks for your friends.  I thought you were cute and I wanted to get to know you little better.  The truth is…,” she hesitated while biting her bottom lip and looking toward the ground – “if you hadn’t came over here I was going over there to speak with you.  That’s why I already had two drinks coming for us.  So, I guess it was fate that we should meet.  I came here alone and normally leave that way, but hopefully…,”  she stopped while rubbing her hand on my thigh like cat ready to pounce on a mouse.

My manhood immediately rose.  I turned away timidly and took an oversized gulp of my drink.  She continued to rub on my thigh getting closer to my crotch.  I quickly grabbed her hand and said,

            “Vivian, I’m attracted to you too, but don’t you think you’re moving a little too fast.”

                        “I always get what I want.” She snapped at me like a dominatrix to her submissive subject.

            I thought for a moment and weighed my options.  Here I had the best looking woman I have seen in a long time wanting me.  She has all the right physical qualities, but I knew nothing about her.

She interrupted my thought process by saying, “Look, I don’t expect you to feel great about this because we hardly know each other.  But you can’t deny the fate driven attraction that we both share, right?” 

“Sure.” I replied and but she continued, “So why not leave with me now and I’ll tell you everything you want to know about me over breakfast.” 

She had me at that point.  I looked passionately into her eyes and moved closer.  She met my lips and we kissed erotically.  It was as if we had both rehearsed this kiss a thousand times and this was the final cut.  We molded perfectly as she continued her probe further up my leg toward my crotch.  At that point I broke off our kiss and tried to catch my breath.  She stood to her feet and smoothed out her silk dress.  I immediately noticed that she wasn’t wearing a bra by the way her nipples begat me through her blouse.  She intentionally ran her hands around her voluptuous curves to snare my attention.  Then she grabbed my hand and walked vigorously in her red high heels pulling me behind.  I felt like a kid being led to the principal’s office. 

            When I finished eyeing her backside I found myself outside.  She stopped in a secluded part of the parking lot and pushed me against the wall.  She laid a juicy kiss on me and finished her exploration of my body.  I grew more and more frantic and was caught in the moment.  She finished her exploration and whispered in my ear, “You are mine tonight.”  She asks where my car was so we could go.  We walked to my Aston Martin and I ushered her to the passenger side.  I hurried to the driver’s seat and asked her where we were going.  She responded, “I have a room at the Riviera on Fifth Street.  I put the car in first gear and speed off, hitting each gear with head jerking force.  A few cars left after us but none of them were as lucky as me I thought. 

            Our five-minute trip involved no words but I felt her.  We reached our destination and I hurried to open her door.  She turned to get out making sure she opened her legs to let me see that she wasn’t wearing any panties.  That was the final straw for me.  Now she’s got to get it.  She leaned close to me, kissed me softly, and said follow me.  She walked swiftly toward the hotel and I followed.  A few more cars pulled into the hotel shortly afterward but that did not interest me as much as her hypnotic twist.  We reached her room and she pulled me in once she unlocked the door.  The lights were still off but there was one candle burning that she obviously left lit.  The candle filled the room with a cinnamon odor that set the mood.  The door was unlocked and barely open, but at that point I didn’t care.  We groped and kissed roughly, pushing each other against the wall, stripping clothing and slinging them everywhere.  She pushed my naked frame on the bed and said softly, “Wait right here I have to take a quick shower, I feel sticky.” 

I thought about the events to come while I produced a condom from my wallet.   I checked my breath, and just as soon as I pulled my hand away from my mouth, two masked assailants busted in the room holding guns.  One was tall and the other short.  They both were wearing black suits, and gloves.  Afraid and embarrassed, I quickly jumped under the covers.  The tall man then says in a calm voice, “Do you know what this is about?”

“No.” I said trembling.

            “This is a shake down.  We want all your money and your nice little car outside.” 

I was stunned and didn’t know what to say.  The short one feels the need to tell me that I didn’t have a choice in the matter.  He must have seen my thoughts of escape.  

“Tie him up,” said the tall man to the shorter one.  I was being duck taped to the bed.  Then I thought about Vivian in the shower and worried about her safety.  Just as soon as I thought it out, she waltzed out of the shower fully dressed. 

“About time you guys got here, I thought I was going to have to actually screw this fool.  Did you get it?” she grunts at the two men. 

“Relax, we’re gettin it…so where is your wallet lover-boy,” the tall man asks me pointing his thirty-eight in my face? 

I was motionlessly stunned and on the bed tied, exposed, and embarrassed. Disgustedly, I thought how I could have been so stupid to fall for this.  She played me like a harp and I fell for it like the loosening grip of that rock climber.  Vivian grabbed my pants and pulled my wallet from it and flipped through the contents. 

She smiled and says, “We have it.  Wipe the place down and let’s go.” 

Vivian picks up her clothes, and walks toward me.  She kisses me on the lips and said, “Oh, what a tangled web we weave.  It would have been nice under different circumstances.  Enjoy your stay at the Riviera, it’s been fun…oh, and by the way, I still think you’re hot.”  Then she grabs my keys and the three exits the room never to be seen by me again.  They left with my car, my money and my pride.

In a totally embarrassing fashion, the cleaning crew found me and rescued me later that morning.  I reported the incident to the authorities, but until this day they haven’t turned up anything on the matter.  In all, they netted about two hundred thousand dollars from me, including my car, which they got before I could freeze my accounts.  I’m still looking for that trick and if I ever find her or her two friends…well what would you do to a spider that bit you?