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An Encounter with a Dysfunctional Family.

I had a work order in an apartment building early one morning to install 2 boxes, one for TV and another for Internet and Phone. I did as I normally do in these situations and take care of things outside before I come to the door to make things go more quickly and smoothly. So I am knocking on the door to make contact with the customer, meter in hand so I can check to make sure I  got signal inside to install these boxes and get and idea of where they will be installed. Well a wiry looking female face with glasses and a weary weave, pokes from behind the door with sleep in her eyes, looks at me and turns and screams the cable guy is here, then she opens the door. Upon inspection of the surroundings there were two kids lying on the floor and a unidentified male apparently comatosed on the couch of a 2 bedroom apartment.
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A Happy Red Rose


I remember a job I did a while back. I was just supposed to install some internet. Well this old lady Rose in her red pajamas and her neighbor Ann were in the house when I arrived. They started drilling me with questions as soon as I crossed the threshold of the door.  Turns out, a few other techs had been to Rose’s home before myself and merely failed to help or actually listen to her. As with most customers money is very important, so this was where the first drilling site would be for the pair. You see, Rose and Ann are both on fixed incomes so they’re very persnickety about their money. So being me, I educated them on how to save a little more. Showed them where to go, what to do, actually did a few of the steps for them.
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Change in a Bucket

Today I had an install for a couple living inside a house separated into individual rooms-for-rent. From what I understood they had been waiting on cable since January or March of this year. That’s a long time. They already had the box, all they needed was an outlet ran. They mentioned that they had been in constant contact with XXX cable co. confirming their appointment for today. Apparently…some XXX techs have been out to this location but no one actually performed the work for them. I’m used to this though. Being a contractor, we pick up the slack for those XXX cable co. workers. They lazy and incompetent.  I told them that God sent me here just for them.

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307 tried to get at me!

 So I’m there to swap a box right. Ms. 307 start going at me about how hard it is to raise 3 kids alone. How she don’t know anybody around here. I’m hip to game though. Didn’t let her get to asking me to be her friend. Hurried up and mentioned how hard it is for me to provide for my Wife and Kids. Shut her smooth down. She got real open about her life after that…but I made haste. Gotta go track down them dollars.

You NOT going to believe this. So I posted that first paragraph hours ago. Since then things have moved rather rapidly. I get’s a call from my dispatch telling me that Ms. 307 called in saying there was a problem with her box. Luckily, I was still close by so I came back. Gave it a once over and reset it. Seemed ok – kept it moving.  Well, I gave my second goodbye and got back on the scent for them dollars. Low and behold, another call comes in. I’ll give you one guess who it is. Yep, dispatch with Ms. 307 on the line. So I went back a third time. Except this time I swapped the box and waited for a good bit to make sure everything is ok.

In that time, she took the opportunity to divulge many personal things to me as if we had known each other for years. She mentioned that she felt comfortable around me for some reason. Her display of humility even brought her to tears. I was moved by this. Sometimes my meetings are fated and I believe this to be one of those times. Turns out, she only needed someone to truly care & listen, a little encouragement and permission to hope in her own dreams again.  I see you Ms. 307, I see you. Respect.

I come bearing gifts

SILENCE…and brace yourself. Cause what I’m about to tell you is true. I’m a Cable Guy. Yeah, the guy that gets your TV,Internet and Phone services up and running. It pays alright, but the experiences are priceless. Some of yawl can’t operate your daily functions without cable. It’s like an addiction you don’t want to shake. TV’s the worst addiction if you ask me. But hey what do I know.  I get the skinny every time I work. I get a pulse for the REAL today.  I know the true state of the economy.  The very next time that I hear one of yawl say, “please excuse the mess” I’m gonna scream like a gorilla just to mix up my day. Like yawl aint know I was coming. I know you moving and all that, I aint blind. No need to mention it to me.

Oh, and make it easy on a brotha and faster for you…take all yo knick knacks down, clear the wall and make room for for my knapsack o’ fun. I’m delivering yo toys, you could at least make it a smooth transition. Oh and I almost forgot – tip.  Alot.  If you knew what I have to go through to get your services up and running sometimes – shoot, you’d give me yo whole check. And yes I’m talking about you. All of you. Every single person that has access to these things. Rich, poor, black, white, asian, Hindi, Muslim, Christian, Mexican, Jamaican, from NY or Rhode Island, Cuba, Texas, Puerto Rico, Japan, England, Panama, Nigeria – all over the world. You. You, you, you.

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I’ve been missing, so what?

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Yes I’ve been gone. Disappeared from the writing world for some months now. As long as I’ve not disappeared from the living world. It’s been trying times and along with other types of suffering, my writing has suffered as well. Summer has been hot and extremely busy. The fourth of July was fun, but so was washing my car with my daughter yesterday. She enjoyed getting wet. Only because she’s still young and doesn’t know that I am using her for free labor. When she gets old enough to realize that, it’ll be a new type of fun for her.

My mind is clouded, but I’ve pressed my way here to, at least, touch the outside world. It is dark times for me, but the sun always seems to shine if we can just hold on til morning. Sometimes it’s hard being optimistic, even I have trouble convincing myself.  Then I remember what harm can it do to have a good confession or see the brighter side of things. It helps. I always try to remember two things; it could always be worse and I made it this far.

Thoughts are fickle things; random, fleeting, mysterious.  Sometimes I wonder where they come from. Some I want to keep but they escape me and others I want to forget that stay with me. The saying is true, “Nothing fixes a thing so intensely in the memory as the wish to forget it.” – Michel de Montaigne   I swim in these thoughts often. There are so many things in the pool of forgetfulness and so many things that I wish I remembered. I suspect that I’m not alone. This is just a rant day. If your not interested cover your eyes while you read this. If you don’t care, cover you heart while you listen.  Yes, I’ve been missing, so what? At least I’m present.

“Learning to live in the present moment is part of the path of joy.” – Sarah Ban Breathnach

Becky says things about … being lost in translation

Becky says things about … being lost in translation.

Tournament Blues

Dean cuts nets Like many other faithful’s, I am an avid college basketball fan.  I love the passion in their play; the hustle, the fight, the disappointments, the joy.  Like millions of other fans, I filled out my tournament bracket hoping to show my basketball prowess to the world. Really…I was trying to win that billion dollars that Warren Buffet offered. I failed miserably. I thought I knew more than I did. Obviously not.

After a full day of screaming at the television, hoping some teams lost and others won, I feel drained.  I am, however, relieved that the March Madness is over for me. And even though I’ll still be as broke tomorrow as I am today, I can say that my bracket isn’t too bad for having done this for the second time in my life.  That’s right, I tried it once many years ago, had the same result, and never tried again. It’s a lot of unneeded pressure on my heart and I know better than to take on too much extra stress.  I’ve lost five games and I’m still in the overall winner hunt. But, as before, my heart is heavy. Not because of my excitement for the game and to prove my basketball knowledge, but because I had plans for that billion dollars.

Hmm…let’s see…If I had won that billion dollars and I stuck it in a basic savings account collecting 1% interest I would stand to make an extra 10 million dollars a year if I never touch that billion. And I probably wouldn’t touch it, I wouldn’t need too, I could comfortably live off of 10 million dollars in interest payments every year (after taxes of course).

$10,000,000. Sounds good rolling off your tongue, almost as good as $1,000,000,000.  At 10 million dollars a year in interest alone, you would stand to earn a lot of money. That’s over $830,000 a month, $208,300 a week, almost $30,000 a day, and over $3700 hr (for a typical 8 hr work day).  Wow.

Imagine what you would do with that much money, (unless you already have it that is).

Well, now that all my excitement is long gone, I’ll watch the rest of the tournament thinking about what could have been and hope that I don’t hear any news about someone else winning my money. Maybe I’ll try again next year, maybe not. It’s been a great ride, but I definitely have the tournament blues.

carolina championship

10 Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar

I found this article very interesting, I hope you do to.

WE are MY People

What would it take,
For our people to be free?
To have fun – drink coffee,
And watch some TV.

We are often times hated,
And thought to be insane.
I wonder why that is?
Is there someone else to blame?

We are the definition of struggle,
Baring this fate alone,
We are held back sometimes,
Yet we strive to press on.

We have changed with the times,
Sometimes not for the good.
We strive to simplify our complexities,
Yet we are misunderstood.

My people are you able,
To really speak your mind?
Can you see what I see,
Or are you really just that blind?

Is this good or is it bad?
Well, I really don’t know.
But what is extremely apparent,
Is that we will eventually grow.

Grow to be women,
And from Boy’s II Men,
Grow to be billionaires,
And leading the Top Ten.

Grow to dominate,
The things we barely touch,
Grow to be productive,
But some won’t grow that much.

Don’t judge us by a handful,
Or of stories you’ve heard,
Refrain – don’t judge,
That’s simply absurd.

See for your self,
Who we really could be.
Don’t make assumptions.
Get to know me.

Our people are great people,
And history shows that.
All the struggle and strife,
With no looking back.

Given our history,
In which the whole world knows,
We live to be free,
Growing our mind and our souls.

We are what we are.
We are not what we were.
It would be ludicrous to disagree,
And not to simply concur.

We are better with time,
Like a sweet aged wine.
This land is your land,
But is it really mine?

If you embrace the hype,
You will grow no further,
Live by these words,

Our love is the Church
Our love is the Steeple
You and Me make’s Us
And We are my people

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